Who We Are

The Educational Media Foundation, Inc. (EMF) is a 501(c) (3) public charity based in Richmond Hill, Georgia.

The purpose of the EMF is to collaborate with scholars, media producers, foundations and institutions to facilitate the production and distribution of communications media that preserve and communicate critical voices, viewpoints, and issues about arts, culture, the environment, ethics, health, history, the media, medicine and sports.

Our job is to research and identify issues regionally, nationally and internationally that express the core principles of the EMF that could benefit from media treatment. Our mission also is to actively conceive and assist with philosophical and financial direction to projects addressing these issues.



Above Money: The Bamboo Farm And Friends

A documentary film about one of the most unique botanical gardens in the United States. The story begins after the Civil War, when the Smith family purchased a 46-acre farm on the Ogeechee Road outside of Savannah, Georgia. According to tradition, a few sprigs of timber bamboo were planted at the farm between 1890 and 1903; yet beyond that, and the fact that the sprigs came from an old rice plantation nearby, the plant’s foreign origins remain a mystery.

Art Talks Art Matters

Art Talks/Art Matters recently premiered its second season as the only regularly scheduled television program dealing with the vibrant arts community in the city of Savannah, Georgia. Hosted by Jerome Meadows, the program features local artists showcasing and discussing their own work. The program also covers organizations, activities, and individuals associated with the city's cultural life, including art writers, museum and gallery administrators, and collectors.

Emergent Savannah

Emergent Savannah is a non-partisan organization that focuses on advocating for and empowering Savannah citizens through education and information, cultural projects and community building. Through grassroots organizing, information workshops, participatory research and cultural work, we create spaces for people vested in collective action to shape the future of Savannah for all of its citizens.