Art Talks Art Matters

Art Talks/Art Matters recently premiered its second season as the only regularly scheduled television program dealing with the vibrant arts community in the city of Savannah, Georgia. Hosted by Jerome Meadows, the program features local artists showcasing and discussing their own work. The program also covers organizations, activities, and individuals associated with the city's cultural life, including art writers, museum and gallery administrators, and collectors. View Synopsis

Emergent Savannah

Emergent Savannah is a non-partisan organization that focuses on advocating for and empowering Savannah citizens through education and information, cultural projects and community building. Through grassroots organizing, information workshops, participatory research and cultural work, we create spaces for people vested in collective action to shape the future of Savannah for all of it's citizens. View Synopsis

Soul Proprietors

Soul Proprietors emphasizes the trend towards global thinking and social awareness. This is more than just a reality TV type of experience. These are real life encounters that are making a difference in the world and the compelling stories of the people who are putting this transformation into motion. View Synopsis

American Jihadist

American Jihadist is the story of one man's violent path from the ghettos of America's capitol to the battlefields of the Islamic world. It's a look at militant Islam through the eyes of an African American who fought and nearly died for it and probes the questions "Who are they?" and "What do they want?" by looking in the mirror to see the human face of those we believe to be our enemies.View Synopsis

Triangle Brazil Choral Exchange

The Triangle Brazil Choral Exchange (TBCX) traveled to Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, Brazil from July 24-August 3, 2007. Forty-six singers and non-singers participated in a very significant project, visiting Salvador, Rio, Cidade de Deus (City of God), and Petropolis.

February One

February One is a broadcast documentary and companion educational video and teaching guide that looks at the important story of the 1960 sit-in at Woolworth's lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina. The film revisits this momentous event in civil rights history and reflects on how an act of youthful courage and non-violent protest forty years ago has played out in the lives of the Greensboro Four, Frank McCain, Joe McNeill, David Richmond and Jibreel Khazan (nee Ezell Blair, Jr.)View Synopsis

Tobacco Money Feeds My Family

A feature-length independent documentary film about tobacco growers, farm workers and tobacco-dependent communities struggling with the decline of domestic tobacco production. The film looks at an unexpected casualty in the war against smoking-the demise of the small tobacco farmer. Focusing on a racially and socio-economically diverse trio of life-long North Carolina farmers and their farm workers, the film examines the cultural, economic and emotional impacts flowing from decreased tobacco production.

Tobacco Money Feeds My Family premiered at Duke University's Center for Documentary Studies Documentary Film and Video Happening on November 9, 2002.

Tobacco Money Feeds My Family appeared nationally on PBS In January 2007.

"...We Need Help."

This series of short, documentary-style programs focuses on Amerindian villages in Guyana--a Third World region consistently overlooked by private philanthropy, public agencies, and NGOs. The programs will highlight the region's critical need for medical, educational, and social welfare assistance.View Synopsis

Stewards of the Land

Stewards of the Land is a celebration of the ecological farmers of North Carolina's Piedmont and the service they provide. It is an honest look at the challenges they face in a sometimes thankless, always labor-intensive, and often rapidly-changing business. It is a personal glimpse into their lives and also an explanation of the context - social, political, economic, and environmental - in which they work. It is a chance to bring these individual, yet connected, stories to the public in a unique and accessible way.

The Guestworker

A broadcast television documentary and a school-based video and teaching guide that brings to life the story of Mexican guestworkers in North Carolina who, under the new H-2A temporary foreign agriculture worker program, leave their homes each year to work crops in this country, then return after the harvest. After competing at the Full Frame Documentary Festival in 2005, The Guestworker debuted on North Carolina Public Television in January 2006.For more information, visit Markay Media

Senator No: Jesse Helms

This biographical documentary by filmmaker John Wilson looks at one of the most celebrated, controversial and enduring figures in modern American politics: Senator Jesse Helms. Senator No was broadcast on North Carolina Public Television on January 15, 2008.