Projects : American Jihadist

American Jihadist is the story of one man's violent path from the ghettos of America's capitol to the battlefields of the Islamic world. It's a look at militant Islam through the eyes of an African American who fought and nearly died for it and probes the questions "Who are they?" and "What do they want?" by looking in the mirror to see the human face of those we believe to be our enemies.

In the wake of the World Trade Center attacks, sales of the Koran soared, classes on Islam swelled at colleges and universities, and public school students began memorizing Koranic verses and giving reports on Islamic history. Even Oprah Winfrey devoted a special program "Islam 101," introducing the religion to viewers. The sudden upsurge in interest was driven by a profound need to understand Islam - especially its more militant brand for which young men and women take up arms, strap bombs to their bodies or fly airplanes into buildings. But in a world weaned on Muslims as suicide bombers or hijackers, it's difficult to see beyond the stereotypes. American Jihadist is a look at the personal motivations behind one man's decision to fight for Islam.Visit American Jihadist Website