Projects : Emergent Savannah

Emergent Savannah is a growing social and cultural movement made up of of people who believe that Savannah is capable of evolving into a more intentional community, where citizens are empowered to shape the future, while continuing to honor the past.

We are dedicated to educating people and advocating for the local Savannah community by providing information that enables people to generate ideas and take action. We aim to strengthen connections and creativity in our community. Our Vision is simple. Culture. Community. Conversation.

Emergent Savannah was founded in 2015. Through a series of conversations, frustrated citizens decided there had to be a better way of engaging community and working against apathy, and formed what is now Emergent Savannah. Through conversation, art and community engagement, Emergent Savannah is local activism with heart and works to engage all citizens of Savannah.Visit Emergent Savannah Website